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Seven7 Technology

Seven7 Technology provides products and services in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Backup, Virtualization, Data Management, Data Center Solutions.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup technology is fully automated, measurable and flexible; Provides complete solutions with real-time monitoring to meet all requirements of our customers.

Professional Services

As Seven 7 Technology, we work closely with our customers by providing our customers with different levels of service diversity with our certified engineer team for our products in our portfolio.

Robotics and Coding

Robotic coding aims to educate future scientists and technology stars. It provides the ability to set up an algorithm and the ability to code, calculate and analytically think of the established algorithm, and learn a true programming language.

Business Process Management

By focusing on business processes, we focus on transforming corporate IT and consolidating it across the global enterprise. Organizations benefit from our expandable platform to develop specific applications that automate activities specific to their business needs.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Seven 7 Technology operates in the creation of IT disaster recovery programs and business continuity, which meet the specific needs of organizations of all sectors and sizes. Working with you to build a reliable and long-lasting continuity program, we invite you to discover our services and business continuity solutions.
Gerçek bir teknoloji sunar.

UKIT'ler, öğrenme süreci ilerledikçe basitten karmaşığa doğru seviyesi yükselen, öğrencileri hayal güçleri doğrultusunda modeller yaratmaya, çoklu projeleri desteklemek için bunları tekrar bozmaya ve tekrar farklı şekillerde bir araya getirmeye uygun şekilde tasarlanmıştır.

Bunu tam olarak gerçekleştirebilmek için;
• Dayanıklı kit elemanları uzun süreli kullanılabilirlik sağlar.
• Hassas servolar insan benzeri hareketleri mümkün kılar.
• UBTECH’in endüstri lideri robotik deneyimi ve araştırma üssün arkasındaki destektir.

Kaliteli müfredat geleneksel fen derslerindeki boşlukları dolduruyor. Sağlam bir standartlar ve tutarlılık temeli üzerine kurulu, NGSS uyumlu müfredatı, öğrenci ve öğretmen güvenini arttırır, merak uyandırır ve tüm öğrencilerin ilgisini çekmek için esnektir. Öğrenciler, gerçek dünyadaki problemleri çözmek için teknolojinin eleştirel ve hesaplamalı düşünme sürecini nasıl geliştirebileceğini öğrenmek için ileri bilim ve matematik kavramlarını kullanırlar.
NGX Storage
NGX Storage develops high-tech all-flash and hybrid data storage systems for next-generation data centers.

Turkish engineers contribute their work and unifies emerging Storage family, simply remain within the borders of Turkey, recently intends to play an active role in the EMEA region.

Key Benefits
•NGX Storage, research and development processes are the first and only high-tech data storage system realized in our country and supported by government grants.
•Their data storage systems are designed together with cloud computing and large data specialists to cover the diverse requirements industry needs.

ServiceNow Incident Management automatically saves and classifies all reported events, then assigns them according to business rules defined by the organization to resolve them.

By assigning it to the most appropriate solution group or individual, it allows all events to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Key Benefits
• Lets you quickly restore the service.
• Provides centralization of main event management.
• Increases end user satisfaction.
• Improves IT services.
Pure Storage
Although Pure Storage was established in 2009, it has become a data storage brand that is frequently mentioned with its technology and vision in a very short time. There are innovative and fast all-flash systems that can be easily integrated with cloud solutions at the focal point.

Key Benefits
• FlashArray, FlashBlade, FlashStack and AIRI products, such as database applications, private and open cloud structures, virtual server and virtual desktop applications, such as high-performance and low-latency workloads are easily realized with the ability to perform.
• Due to its superior performance, public institutions, military institutions, service providers, education, energy, finance, health, media and telecommunication sectors are widely preferred.

It monitors and manages all CIs that are both distributed and redundant. Monitors and manages the current and past configurations of all IT assets. Monitors and manages the interconnection of all distributed assets.

Reduces incident and problem solving time due to the increased visibility of the affected assets and their understanding of their interconnections.
PARDUS is an open source operating system based on Debian GNU / Linux.

It can be downloaded for free and easily installed over the Internet. In order to make Pardus a competitive and sustainable operating system for personal or institutional use, TUBITAK ULAKBIM continues its development and maintenance activities.

Key Benefits
• In addition to being a Linux distribution, Pardus has become more of a program than a project, with the efforts to expand the open source and free software in the public sector, and to develop the open source and free software ecosystem in our country.
• Under the Pardus umbrella, original projects are developed in a transparent manner and shared with the world of free software.
• Pardus has open-source sub-projects that meet corporate needs for easy dissemination in public institutions and organizations and SMEs. Leading Consonant Management System, Viper Identity Management System, Octopus Integrated Cyber Security System, Interactive Board Interface Project (ETAP), ULAKBÜS Integrated University System are the main ones.
It monitors and manages the financial data associated with all infrastructure assets, whether owned or rented, leased or borrowed.

It measures cost-related analysis and decision making by measuring and monitoring the costs associated with all assets.
Veeam leads the Business Continuity market for uninterrupted organizations.

Unlike traditional backup ve solutions that provide hours or days of recovery time (RTO) and recovery point targets (RPO), Veeam helps organizations achieve recovery time and point targets (RTPO ™) for less than 15 minutes for all applications and data.

Key Benefits

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