Oracle has innovative technologies in every aspect of our cloud service. It enables companies to redesign their business, processes and experiences. With the launch of the industry’s self-running, self-securing, self-restoring database, the Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle is revolutionizing data management.

     Traditional database clouds are manually managed and set, open to human errors, and easily exposed to costly security openings; thus, the cloud promises no savings and efficiency.

     Provides automatic recovery for all errors. 99,995% working time, including maintenance, is guaranteed. Provides flexible scaling for computing or storage according to needs without any downtime. Integrated machine learning algorithms support automatic caching, adaptive indexing, advanced compression, and optimized cloud data loading to deliver unrivaled performance. Automatic adaptive performance tuning provides faster analytics. Automatic self-patching and self-updating without any downtime All data is automatically secured by default strong encryption. Access is monitored and controlled; this protects against both external attacks and unauthorized internal access.

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